Light Way Schools partners with two other amazing organizations to make your school creation journey joyful, easy, and harmonious.  

  1. Seeding The Future Now is a panel of expert educators and parents who gift communities with a coaching conference call to jump start opening your school.  
  2. The Children of the New Earth Conference holds conferences aimed at raising awareness of the new children and providing a bridge for educators, parents, mental health professionals and juvenile justice systems to understand our new highly sensitive and evolved children.  

Light Way provides:

  1. A program model you can use as is or tweak to your specific vision.
  2. A clear vision and mission.
  3. A U.S. non-profit umbrella to help with fundraising and funds management.
  4. On-going school visioning and planning support online, via telephone and in person.
  5. Logo and forms ready made. 
  6. Training retreats for parents and educators in Italy and the US.
  7. The Children of the New Earth conference blueprint. See our host a conference page for more details. 
  8. E-Books on visioning, model choice, logistics, environments, and policies and regulations which are currently under development and will be released as they come available. 

With the Light Way program, a Children of the New Earth conference, and coaching from Seeding The Future NOW, starting a school has never been easier.  

Let's be clear here though. No matter how easy we make it, starting a school is a significant commitment of time and energy and should only be begun by a group of individuals who are determined to help and support children. 

Contact Zahra for more information.


STFN embraces 5 pillars of Foundational Intentions:

Peace ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Harmony ~ Service

 Let's link our hearts through an energetic community,

co-creating and nurturing our hearts' expression.