Start a neighborhoodlearning network....

The school system is collapsing and parents are ready for something new. It is time to build what I call:

Neighborhood Learning Networks: an educational network of homes, children, and adults right in your neighborhood. 

A NeighborhoodLearning Network leverages existing people, homes, buildings, and resources in your own subdivision or neighborhood to create specialised learning hubs where children's learning occurs anywhere and everywhere, in rhythm with nature, family, and community - a modern tribal dance of achievement and progress through play, inspiration and passion. 

With a willing team, and proper guidance you can rapidly set one up in your neighborhood, fulfiling your need for an immediate educational solution your children will love and so will you.  

A Learning Network May Be The Solution For You If 

  • you know other families in your same neighborhood who want to get their kids out of school too
  • you want a better way of learning than that offered by traditional schooling
  • you believe in a holistic, child-centred, student-directed approach to learning 
  • you don't want the hassle of starting a school - finding a building, creating a business plan, buying a lot of equipment, fundraising, complicated budgets, and selling total strangers on your vision 
  • you love the idea of homeschooling, but don't necessarily want to teach your kids yourself, at least not full time


Each neighborhood has dedicated learning hubs in rooms, garages, clubhouses - any available spaces that can be repurposed in our homes - a science hub in one, an art hub in another, a library in another, an adult coworking space, a park, an early childhood hub.

The possibilities are unlimited and always defined by the needs of the community of learners. It is an adaptive, flexible system.  A system that can become a network of networks sharing knowledge and resources across entire cities, states, and even the world.

Imagine children running around from hub to hub. Laughter fills the air. Vibrancy and community return.


  • front and back yards turned into food gardens full of healthy, organic produce we all pick as needed
  • open streets and parks turned into edible food forests with fruit and nut orchards
  • creating this abundance is part of your neighborhood curriculum. 

Training Is Available

Parents, teachers, & grandparents can train to facilitate a natural way of teaching and learning that focuses entirely on the inner blueprint of each child. We all have such a blueprint. To fulfill it, we need only point our children in the direction of their interests and show them how to learn.

This type of learning is like teaching children how to fish, whereas normal schooling stuffs them with fish and keeps them dependent on the teacher to tell them what to learn and when. And what do they learn? Mostly information that can be googled in .02 seconds. So children don’t have time to tap into that blueprint. They never even discover it is there. They lose themselves. 

Where Did The Idea Come From?

A few years ago as I was drving past a subdivision in Houston, an image flashed through my mind clear as day. I saw front and back yards turned into food gardens. I saw children and adults inside and outside playing, learning, and collaborating. I saw smiles on faces and I felt a sense of vibrancy and freedom for everyone. It was an aha moment.  We could achieve a better way of life using the structures and neighborhoods we already live in. Suddenly the task seemed acheivable. 

Can you imagine 

  • doing work you love
  • children and adults learning and living together instead of parting ways every morning to go to jobs and schools they don't enjoy
  • people of all ages learning from each other
  • fresh, plentiful organic food everywhere you look and free for eating
  • waking up joyful each day
  • freedom to create

Can you imagine life like that? I can. I imagine it every day.  What I couldn't imagine was how we could possibly acheive that vision with the old systems so firmly entrenched. I could never have imagined the massive disruption that has just happened in 2020.  Could any of us have imagined it?  

This disruption is a gift we can leverage to lead us forward into a better way of life. It is an opportunity.  The question we are called to answer is "What will the next world look like?" What will the real new normal be? 

The key to the next world we live in being a free, abundant, joyful and just world is to let go of fear and choose love.  Love allows us to let go of the old ways and trust ourselves instead of waiting for "them" to create a just, fair world. If "they" were going to, they would have by now.  Love allows us to see truth. Love brings transparency and openess. Love is the doorway to our imaginations. Our imaginations create our future. 


The time is now. Please act on this vision with my blessing. You can also contact me for more information or help.