Have school closings made you an overnight school-at-home parent?

Is your family struggling to adjust as you try to do school-at-home?
Do you feel like screaming after the thousandth time of trying to get your kids to focus on what they are supposed to be learning?
As a consequence has home been feeling a bit like a war zone?

I’ve been hearing two scenarios:

  1. Schools insisting parents have their children put on their school uniforms and stand over them as they sit in front of the computer to do up to 6 hours a day of online schooling led by tired, frustrated, super pressured teachers scrambling to figure out how to do distance learning - something they have no training for.
  2. Schools sending huge packets of work home with children with similar instructions to make sure all the work gets done so no one will be behind.
    Either way the schools seem to be expecting parents to be able to suddenly recreate school at home. 

How is that working for you?

I expect it isn’t because it just isn’t possible to translate school straight into our homes and expect it to work. Children are not able and should not be expected to sit alone at a computer for 6 hours a day with only ten minutes in between lessons for five days a week - with virtually no time outside and very little exercise.
Add to that the task of working from home yourself and it may just be too much to ask of anyone.

What if I told you:

  • that to “keep up”, home school children generally only spend about 2 hours a day doing lessons
  • homeschooling doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult like this
  • that you don’t have to be an expert at teaching
  • and that you don’t have to battle with your kids all day, like you did every night with homewor?

would you want to know how to do it? 

First, let me ask you this:
If you knew of a different system to traditional homeschool with its textbooks and worksheets, a system that would

  • make your kids eyes light up with enthusiasm for learning
  • free you from having to be an expert in every subject area
  • make the task of teaching far less overwhelming
  • AND allow you to complete your own workload

would you be willing to try it for the next few weeks or months?

If no, no problem. Just bookmark this page RIGHT NOW for that moment when you’ve had to tell your kids to get back to work or focus on that worksheet for the millionth time.
It’s going to be a long few weeks.

But if you answered “YES!” keep reading.

There is such a system. It is based on decades of research and experience with the best in 21st century learning. I’ve taken these innovations in learning and put them together into one holistic teaching and learning program called the “Light Way System”. which I’ve been teaching in my comprehensive Home Educator Certification Course - but you don’t have time for this right now.

You need a solution fast.

So, due to the COVID19 Panedemic, I’ve been inspired to create this Jump Start program to teach you the basics so your family can relax, enjoy learning and enjoy being a family together while we are all still home bound.

Meet Your Coach & The System That Can Help You Right Now!

Hi, I’m Zahra Lightway. I‘m a home education coach, school principal, former school teacher, and mother.  I teach “E.P.I.C. Empowered Parents Inspiring Children”, the Light Way Home Educator Certification Course and I offer the “Light You Up Home Educator Coaching Program" for parents choosing to homeschool full time. 

You can read more about me in the FAQ section at the end of this page.

When I heard about school closings, I knew there were going to be some anxious, overwhelmed children and parents out there and so I jumped on it to bring you the help you need right now and created the

“Jump Start 'Light You Up' Coaching Program”

This brand new program is a quick start module based on well proven strategies from my E.P.I.C. Home Educator Certification Course. It is designed to provide immediate relief for parents like you who want some peace of mind about your children’s education during this crisis, and who want learning to be fun for everyone with none of the stress you usually experience just getting them to do homework.

What Can The Jump Start 'Light You Up' Coaching Program Do For You?

The“Jump Start 'Light You Up' Coaching Program” will rapidly upskill you in the basics of learner-centered homeschooling using the Light Way System.

It will teach you HOW TO:

  • facilitate learning in a way that will be stress free for both you and them
  • easily personalize your child's learning experience so they are happy and can do much of it independently
  • teach your children without being an expert in every subject
  • set up your home for teaching and working
  • create a routine with enough flexibility you can stick to it

What Can The “Jump Start 'Light You Up' Coaching Program” Do For Your Family?

With “Jump Start Light You Up” Coaching Program you will be able to

  • get your work done
  • support your children to learn while school is closed
  • stay sane while homebound
  • reduce stress for the whole family

This program will give you

  • a personalized learning plan for your children
  • a way to map their learning to their school curriculum with ease
  • a blueprint for how to structure your day that you can use starting immediately
  • tools to make learning stress free, enjoyable and lasting

Case Study: Patty's Story  Part I

Normally I would only share this story with my E.P.I.C. Empowered Parents Inspiring Children Home Educator Certification clients. But I want to share it with you today because although you may not intend to homeschool in the long term, it will show you the possible benefits of using the Light Way System even for a short time. The issues Patty faced may sound all too familiar to you. I hope not but...here goes.

Patty came to me in 2015 because her 13 year old son was struggling with anxiety and depression.  He hated school and learning and getting him out of bed on school mornings was a chore. 

Patty's own husband didn't want her to homeschool never mind her friends and she certainly was no teacher! She had huge fears, but she walked right through them and the results have been spectacular!

In the beginning, Patty desperately wanted to homeschool her children but as I said before, even her husband was against it. She begged me to come to Chicago to help her get started and persuade her friends and family it would be a good move for her kids.  So I drove to Chicago and did two workshops over one weekend. I explained how the traditional system is fatally flawed, then I shared what 150 years of research has taught us resulting in 21st century learning principles we can use. I taught her how to implement these principles like project-based learning, self-directed learning, fully balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for the greatest most expansive learning outcomes. I showed Patty how to run her program democratically, how to transition from parent to teacher with ease, how to manage a child lead learning environment, and much more.

When I met Patty’s son, Matthew, he was somewhat withdrawn and quite down on himself. He did not have a good rapport with his teachers and felt generally harassed and harangued at school. His grades were less than he was capable of and he struggled to get out of bed on school mornings. Patty's daughter, Arianna, was in better shape but still hated going to school. They had been begging her to homeschool for quite some time.

After the workshop, her husband agreed to a trial and proceeded to order in a set of curriculum manuals and courses with instructions that they were to be followed daily. Patty was a bit frustrated. You see she wanted to teach her kids differently to the way they had been learning in school. She wanted them to feel empowered to make good choices for themselves and to learn about topics they actually cared about. So the manuals sat to the side and the kids went on an amazing learning journey you can read about on Patty’s blog.

Arianna and Matthew transformed. They had experiences that children in traditional schools could only dream of. They performed in local adult theatre productions, took part in civil war re-enactments, learned circus sports at The New York Flying Trapeze School in Chicago, attended the Chicago Botanical Gardens Fiber and Fabric Art show, and yes, did reading, writing and arithmetic, but these were integrated seamlessly into all these pursuits.

Your kids deserve this type of learning too and that’s what my “Jump Start Light You Up Coaching Program is for – to give you the tools to do pain free homeschool, to deliver it with ease and to create a learning experience your kids will always be grateful for.

You can turn this crisis into a bonding experience for your family.

Patty's Story Parts II and III are in the FAQ at the bottom on this page. 

Why This Light Way Approach Now?

Usually at this point I talk about disturbing statistics about teen depression and suicide rates, but the current Corona Virus school closing crisis speaks for itself.

So why now? Because you don’t want to spend the next weeks or even months at home pulling your hair out and arguing with your kids to get them to do work they hate and don’t care about and which in the light of a world gone crazy may seem even more irrelevant than ever to their lives.

With the Light Way System, you can even turn the crisis into a learning opportunity and then map learning outcomes to their school curriculum. You will be amazed at how much they learn and how well they retain it. I’ll even teach you how to know what they have learned without once giving them a bubble the answer standardized test or any test at all for that matter.

If you want to know the mind blowing statistics anyway - check out the FAQ at the end of this page.


Right now not only you're nervous but so are you kids. They can't play with their friends as they used to. All sports activities and hobby events are cancelled, and everything they thought they knew about the world has changed. And everybody seems nervous including their parents. They have a lot of questions which nobody can answer.

Imagine with “Jumpstart Light You Up” they find reassurance and empowerment, and by week 2, they are rediscovering their joy of learning and that it is actually fun.

Imagine the joy of connection as you spend the next few weeks getting to know your children at a deeper level, finding out what their real interests are and helping them learn about them. Imagine willing children eager to learn because now their hearts are engaged not just their minds. They will have no resistance to learning and you may even struggle to get them to stop “work”.

With the training and support of Light You Up, you will

  • know EXACTLY what you are doing to achieve these results
  • be able to FACILITATE exciting, child-lead learning
  • be EMPOWERED to INSPIRE your children
  • find the TIME you need to WORK 

How Does "Jump Start 'Light You Up' Coaching Program" Work?

First understand this is a LIVE one on one coaching. With Jump Start I will be with you every step of the way - answering all your questions as they come up.

The “Jump Start Light You Up Coaching Program” consists of: 

Four 75 minute “Turn On The Lights” LIVE Coaching calls, 2 per week for two weeks covering how to: 

  • facilitate learning in a way that will be stress free for both you and them
  • easily personalize your child's learning experience so they are happy and can do much of it independently
  • teach your children without being an expert in every subject
  • set up your home for teaching and working
  • create a routine with enough flexibility you can stick to it

This program will give you

  • a personalized learning plan for your children
  • a way to map their learning to their school curriculum with ease
  • a blueprint for how to structure your day that you can use starting immediately
  • tools to make learning stress free, enjoyable and lasting

Each call will be 45 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of Q & A to get your questions answered.  I will share practical tools and let you know everything you need to get started. In between calls, you can put into action what you learned and, then be able to get feedback immediately on the next call.   After only four Light You Up Coaching calls most of the stress coming from homeschooling will be gone. Vanished. Your family will be able to relax and enjoy each other.  

You also get these bonuses if you want to explore deeper:

1. Two episodes of “Empower The Teacher Empower The Student” 

  • "Teaching Is An Art: Bringing Out Your Inner Teacher."
  • "What Would Love Do Now? "                                 

Value: $97

2. Two episodes of "Empower The Parent Empower The Children":

  • "The Serious Business of Play" with Dr. Peter Gray

    This is a must hear episode with Dr. Peter Gray, author of “Free to Learn”.
    Many parents have come to see play as a frivolous waste of time, BUT research clearly shows play is essential to children’s well-being and academic success. Peter’s recent research focuses on the role of play in human evolution and how children educate themselves through play and exploration, when they are free to do so. He has expanded on these ideas in his book, “ Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life.” He also authors a regular blog called Freedom to Learn for Psychology Today magazine.

  • “The REAL Story About Safety For Children Today.” with "Lifetime TV star, Lenore Skenazy, 

    Lenore was accused of being the world’s worst mom because she allowed her 9-year-old son to take the New York subway home alone. Her platform, Free Range Kids, urges parents to allow their children the freedom to learn from life and to let go of the fear we have been given by over-reactive media hype.
    In this interview, we openly discuss specifically how the danger of sexual predators may be intensely exaggerated and highly misrepresented and misunderstood.
    Lenore's humorous dialogue offers a lighter look at these serious issues. In this episode:

    • How to prepare your child for tricky situations using the three R’s.
    • How to do the “Free Range Kids Project” to help kids be more confident.
    • What happens when a 5th grader wanted to ride his bike to school across a busy road.

Value $97

3. My webinar "What Parents Don’t Know That They Don’t Know About School Education And Learning."  FREE

4. Two pdfs: “Are You A Struggling School-At-Home Parent?” & “8 Strategies For Working-From-Home & Having Your Kids At Home AND Being Their Teacher Too!”

Total Value: $747


"Zahra, I realized this week that I'm not only learning how to teach my son, I'm becoming a better mother too. I can't thank you enough. This course is amazing." Rio, San Francisco

Actual Price: $397 

Special Offer Crisis Price Until April 21st: $197

I have scheduled four FREE group calls over the next four weeks to help everyone who needs it.  I will answer any of your questions about homeschooling and I promise NO SALES PITCH just help. It can't replace one on one coaching, but it can bring you some answers quickly. 


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