E.P.I.C: 21st Century Home Education Designer C

Next course begins Tuesday January 15th, 2019 and runs for three months.

Pricing starts at $1297

E.P.I.C. is the course for you if... 

there’s a voice/feeling nagging inside you saying “There’s something better than this. There must be something better than this. I KNOW there’s something better than this, but what is it?”  

The E.P.I.C. Home Education Designer course is for parents like you who sense there is a better way to teach and learn than that offered by a traditional curriculum approach.

That way is 21st century learning.

If you want to start homeschooling or you are already

AND you have that thought and maybe some of these as well...

  • "What if I let my kids down?"
  • "I really don't know how to teach properly."
  • "Which curriculum is best?"
  • "I'm so confused, I don't know where to start."
  • "I'd love to but I'm not so organized and sticking to a schedule would be really hard for me" 
  • "What will people say if I take my kids out of school?"
  • "Won't my kids get lonely? How will they get socialized?" 
  • "I want something different and better for my kids." 

Now you can relax.

How Can E.P.I.C. Help? 

When children experience the joy of  21st Century learning, they blossom and thrive. If you are willing to grow personally and expand your understanding by becoming a 21st Century Home Education Designer, you will see your child's face light up with excitement about learning.  You will understand why the change to new ways of learning is essential and you will grow as a parent in ways you never even imagined. 

E.P..I.C. is training for parents who want to provide the best learning experience possible for their children. 

You will learn

  • The WHY, WHAT and HOW of 21st century self-directed learning models which form the core of 21st century learning.

    WHY we need to embrace new learning models if we want our kids to thrive in today's world. 
    WHAT 21st century self-directed learning looks like.
    HOW to do it as a single family or a learning community. 
  • How to develop a common vision for learning. A unified vision is essential for any learning community regardless of the size.  E.P.I.C. guides you to find a common vision and define yourgoals so your children can have a learning experience you were only able to wish for before. 

  • WEVE: World-Wide Equivalent Value Exchange.  As I mentioned in my video, economics can make or break a learning community.  WEVE is a system of value exchange that asks us to rethink how and what we value and provides systems for exchange of service and goods in addition to the monetary system. WEVE allows you to build a learning community that values everyone's contribution, allows people to contribute in their passions and remunerates everyone fairly for their contribution while keeping monetary exchange to a minimum.

So What Is 21st Century Learning?

I realize the term 21st Century Learning has been co-opted by many as a catch all phrase to get parents' attention. I mean whoever said, "No! I don't want my child to be prepared for the 21st century."? Right. Exactly no-one.  But what does 21st Century Learning mean? Here is how I define it. 

21st Century Learning Is...

  • Child-Lead/Self-Directed - this is a shift from an external, subject-driven curriculum to an internal, inner potential child-driven curriculum.
  • Integrated - a shift from learning knowledge in separate subject areas to integrating all knowledge through the use of project-based learningand passion projects.
  • Empowering - shifting from "power over" learners to "power with" learners.
  • Innovative - shifting from learning with pre-determined outcomes to open-ended, innovation with unexpected outcomes.
  • Relevant and Real Life - a shift from school driven, 18th, 19th century curriculum content to content driven by relevance to children's real lives and and the real world around them. 
  • Passion-Driven - shifting from learning focused on passing a test, or preparing for next year to learning based on our passions
  • Heart-Centered - a shift from a mind-based approach to a heart-centered, compassionate, spiritual educational experience. 
  • Wisdom-Based - a shift back from learning from one teacher to learning from elders, mentors, and artisans.
  • Place Free - shifting from classroom based instruction to learning happening anywhere and everywhere not just in our homes or other designated learning spaces.  21st Century Learning involves our whole community drawing on mentors, apprenticeships, experiences, and master classes. 
  • Age-Free - a shift from basing curriculum choices on a child's age to freeing children to develop at their natural pace in all areas. 

Pricing starts at $1297

Patty's Story

Twenty-First Century Learning makes it possible for our children to stay in touch with their own needs, wants and desires and, therefore, find their path at much earlier ages. 

Read Patty's Story below to see how her 14 and 15 year old daughter and son are already taking college courses and working in jobs they absolutely love!

And find out how Patty fared when all was against her.  Even her husband didn't want her to homeschool never mind her friends and she certainly was no teacher! She had huge fears, but she walked right through them and the results are spectacular!

Patty desperately wanted to homeschool her children but even her husband was against it. She begged me to come to Chicago to help her get started and persuade her friends and family it would be a good move for her kids.
So I drove to Chicago and did two workshops over one weekend. I explained how the traditional system is fatally flawed, then I shared what 150 years of research has taught us resulting in 21st century learning principles we can use. I taught her how to implement these principles like project-based learning, self-directed learning, fully balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for the greatest most expansive learning outcomes. I showed Patty how to run her program democratically, how to transition from parent to teacher with ease, how to manage a child lead learning environment, and much more.

When I met Patty’s son, Matthew, he was somewhat withdrawn and quite down on himself. He did not have a good rapport with his teachers and felt generally harassed and harangued by the at school. His grades were less than he was capable of and he struggled to get out of bed on school mornings. Her daughter, Arianna, was in better shape but still hated going to school. They had been begging her to homeschool for quite some time.

After the workshop, her husband agreed to a trial and proceeded to order in a set of curriculum manuals and courses with instructions that they were to be followed daily. Patty was a bit frustrated. You see she wanted to teach her kids differently to the way they had been learning in school. She wanted them to feel empowered to make good choices for themselves and to learn about topics they actually cared about. So the manuals sat to the side and the kids went on an amazing learning journey you can read about on Patty’s blog.

Arianna and Matthew transformed. They had experiences that children in traditional schools could only dream of. They performed in local adult theatre productions, took part in civil war re-enactments, learned circus sports at The New York Flying Trapeze School in Chicago, attended the Chicago Botanic Gardens Fiber and Fabric Art show, and yes did reading, writing and arithmetic, but these were integrated seamlessly into all these pursuits.

Your kids deserve this type of learning too and that’s what E.P.I.C. is for – to train you to embrace 21st century learning, to deliver it with ease and to create a learning experience your kids will always be grateful for.

And for those of you worrying about your extended family and what they might say, Light Way offers a certificate through the E.P.I.C. course so that you can say to friends and family "Relax I'm a certified 21st Century Learning Designer.”

Who Teaches E.P.I.C.?

You can allay the concerns of family and friends because you will be trained by a fully certified school teacher, and principal who founded her own school, ran a youth program for three years in her own home, and has a Master’s degree in Education Administration - ME! Zahra Lightway.

E.P.I.C. is like teacher ed. for parents without the big, expensive price tag and years of commitment.  The E.P.I.C. course is only three months. Of course I'm not claiming I can teach you everything a teacher knows in three months. What I can do is get you to a place of confidence and competency you can feel good about. 

The "Final" Results

One last word about Patty. She began her journey with Arianna and Matthew in 2014. A year ago when I talked to her she was talking about them going back to school because their needs had changed. Here is her latest update:

“I never sent the kids to school, just found classes that peaked their interests. Currently, Matthew (technically a 10th grader) took his first college class at the community college and loved it! He was also in a play at the college. He thinks he wants to pursue a degree in Psychology so he is taking 2 more college classes in the spring.

Arianna is working on a goat rescue farm and loving every minute. She wants to go into sustainable farming. She’s hoping to take a horticulture course at the college (if they let her in early) next year. She also puts a lot of time into her harp lessons. She’s getting quite good.
Both joined a group called Teen Learning Lab, which is a homeschool group for high schoolers with courses in social justice and communication with human understanding and inclusiveness. It’s been an amazing find this year. Their favorite is a pre-law/mock trial class.
They are both still working on the tree farm, and have a great relationship with their 65 year boss.
I’m good. Still running my business, teaching art classes for homeschooled high schoolers, and I’m busy filling in gaps of education for the kids and driving them everywhere! Paul is good, too.
The kids still talk about you, and how you changed our life!”

I have to admit I was in tears when I read this!  What an incredible success story. Those kids are 15 and 14, employed, taking college courses, working in their passions and learning skills that will serve them for life. In traditional school over the last four years they would have spent 200 hours taking standardized tests, another 300 hours preparing for them, and 3,600 hours sitting behind a desk being talked to about all the things Matthew and Arianna have actually been living.

I know which of those two scenarios I would want for my kids. (My son is 30 now.)  The best part is that Arianna and Matthew created their own curriculum. When Patty trusted them to know what they needed to do and learn about they got back in touch with their true selves and their true passions blossomed. All Patty had to do was show up and facilitate. And just like I guided Patty in how to do that for her kids. E.P.I.C. will guide you to do the same for yours. 


So if you can you imagine how it will feel

  • to know EXACTLY what you are doing,
  • to be ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT that self-directed learning is the best choice for your kids
  • to have the SUPPORT of your friends and family
  • to be able to plan exciting, child-lead curriculum resulting in passionate, self-directed, responsible, capable, and happy children
  • to be EMPOWERED to INSPIRE your children to live their lives to the fullest
  • to be FREE to incorporate any topics and learning activities you see fit and they want to engage in
  • to CO-CREATE a homeschool program where children experience joy, excitement, and passion for LEARNING
    then please consider enrolling in the next E.P.I.C. course. 

You Don't Have To Do This Alone!

I highly encourage folks to do E.P.I.C. with other like minded neighbors. Even the pricing is setup to favor groups so there is one price for 1-3 participants working together to create a single program and one price for 4-6 participants and so on.  But you may find yourself in a similar situation to Patty where her friends and neighbors weren't ready to take the plunge yet. And that's fine too.  

The E.P.I.C. Details!

E.P.I.C. is a three month course designed to lead you through the process of creating a 21st century learning experience for your children. During the course you will be:

  • co-designing the basic structure of your children's learning day, month and year
  • deciding what your rules and guidelines will be and how to make them and change them - democracy in action!
  • integrating the core principles of learning
  • making the transition from parent to teacher
  • reading books and articles on topics related to learning and education
  • developing and articulating your philosophy of learning
  • planning super cool activities and learning adventures and much more...

E.P.I.C. includes: 

  • Six modules each lasting two weeks long with readings, exercises, recordings and assignments. The course requires 5 - 8 hours a week in order to get the most out of it. This time includes attending calls. 

Module 1.  Overcoming The Fear Of Letting Go Of The Old System and Embracing 21st Century Learning

Module 2.  Understanding 21st Century Learning Principles

Module 3.  Applying 21st Century Learning Principles   

Module 4.   Making The Transition: Freedom To Choose Does NOT Mean Anarchy - How To Run A Democratic Learning Experience

Module 5.  Planning Your First Child Lead Learning Adventure

Module 6.  WEVE: World Wide Equivalent Value Exchange - how to apply economic tools to create a thriving learning community. 

  • Six 90-minute LIVE webinars held biweekly.  Each call will include a presentation on the topic for the current module, Q & A on any questions you may have and an opportunity to learn from others in your cohort! 
  • Six 60-minute LIVE coaching video calls held biweeklywith just you or your registered group members.
  • 12 powerful episodes, (2 full series) of "Empower The Teacher Empower The Student"  including "Teaching Is An Art". Value $197
  • 12 powerful episodes, (2 full series) of "Empower The Parent Empower The Children" including "The Serious Business of Play".Value $197
  • Full recordings of calls and webinars to listen to at your leisure. 
  • Email support.
  • List of readings, recommended books, and articles to download and study.
  • An invite to guest speaker calls – other parents who’ve been where you are now.
  • Opportunity to become a part of the Light Way family and use our logo and social profit 501(c)3 status.
  • The right to answer your friends, family and neighbors when they ask "How are you doing this?", by saying "I'm a certified 21st Century Home Education Designer. 

Call Dates and Times: 

Webinar calls: Every other Tuesday starting January 15th at 12 pm PST.  All calls and presentations will be recorded in case you miss one. 

Coaching calls: by appointment. 

Module 1.   Overcoming The Fear Of Letting Go And Embracing The New

How Do I Unlearn What I Thought I Knew About Education?  

  • Identify your fears and turn them into strengths
  • Share with other parents in your boat
  • Move forward with confidence

Webinars: "What Parents Don't Know That They Don't Know About School, Education and Learning "

Empower The Teacher Empower The Student (ETES): "Teaching Is An Art." & "What Would Love Do Now?"

Empower The Parent Empower The Children:  "The Serious Business of Play" with Dr. Peter Gray & "What is the purpose of education?"

Readings: “Your Top 10 Fears And How To Overcome Them.” (presented in our introcourse).
"Risky Play and why it's essential" 
Optional: "The Homework Myth" by Alfie Kohn and "Punshment By Reward" by Alfie Kohn. 

Module 2.   Understanding 21st Century Learning         

Understanding And Embracing Progressive Education Can Be EASY

  • Now we know what we don’t want, let’s define what we do want.  
  • What are some governing  principles of 21st Century education.

You will begin to design a 21st century collaborative learning environment and learn the basics of 21st century pedagogy so that you can teach your child collaboratively and creatively, and most important help them to learn how to learn: an essential skill in an ever changing world where most people will have up to 5 careers. Relax this is much easier than you might think!

Webinar: "Understanding 21st Century Learning."

Empower The Teacher Empower The Student (ETES): "Love Them into the Light: Avoiding Punishment." & "Ego vs True Self: Who is in charge?"

Empower The Parent Empower The Children:  "What's Troubling Our Boys" & "Lifetime TV star, Lenore Skenazy, Tells the REAL Story About Safety For Children Today. "

Readings: “Core Principles of a Light Way Schools Model” and  “The 8 Core Principles of 21st Learning Models."Optimal Conditions for Self-Directed Learning

Module 3.   Applying 21st Century Principles

Now I Know What The Principles Are, I Still Don’t Know How To Use Them!

  • Design your learning day using the Light Way model as a starting point.  
  • Use a visioning guide to shape your program.

Webinar: "Applying 21st Century Principles"

Empower The Teacher Empower The Student (ETES): "Breath deeply and heal: Choice & Environment." & "Environment As Sacred Space."

Empower The Parent Empower The Children:  "Self Healing: When You Change, Your Child's Behavior Changes Too" & "Communication Tools for Overcoming Drama. "

Readings: “E.P.I.C. Visioning Guide." use this guide to work through and design your program, define your philosophy, and structure your community program if applicable. 

Module 4.   Making The Transition: Freedom To Choose Does NOT Mean Anarchy

Okay, Got That Part. Now How Do I Make The Journey of Transitioning from Parent to Teacher?

  • How to make the transition from parent to educator
  • Helping your child make the transition
  • Use the principles of democratic education and the Kanban to manage your time and create your learning community

Webinar: "Empowerment Means Freedom AND Responsibility" 

Empower The Teacher Empower The Student (ETES): "Discipline" and "Empowerment Through KidPower"

Empower The Parent Empower The Children:  "Empowerment Means Freedom & Responsibility" & "Essentials for 21st Century Fathers. "

Readings: “Freedom Not License “ by A.S. Neill, “Transitioning From Parent To Teacher" and  “Transitioning Children From Traditional To 21st Century Learning” 

 Module 5.   Planning Your First Child-Lead Learning Adventure

What Is A Child Lead Curriculum And How Do I Manage It?

  • Bring structure to child-lead learning using the latest agile learning technologies
  • Facilitate units of study
  • Integrate online resources with your new program
  • Continue designing and mapping your program with templates and ideas for creative, child-directed learning projects.

Webinar: "How To Do Child-Lead Learning"

Empower The Teacher Empower The Student (ETES): "Intelligence" and "Integrating Our True Selves Into The Role of Teacher"

Empower The Parent Empower The Children:  "The Serious Business of Play II" & "How Quantum Physics May Be The Key To Healing Unhealthy Patterns Within The Family" 

Readings: Agile Learning - the ultimate flexible structure! 

Module 6.   WEVE: The World- Wide Equivalent Value Exchange System

Up to now the focus of this course has been program and pedagogical development.  In module 6 we broaden that focus and ask how we can create a resource-rich learning community using leading edge sustainable economic technology working in tandem with your education program to make your program accessible for anyone in your close neighborhood! 

Homeschooling can sometimes feel like a lonely pursuit. We know that often the best learning happens in multi-age, collaborative groups, so E.P.I.C. shows you how to use new economic tools like time banking, sharing, local currency, and savings pools to “fund” a community learning experience in your own neighborhood. And I'm not necessarily talking about founding a school here. But I’m sure there are others in your area, maybe even on your street who think they have to keep their kids in traditional school because there’s no way they can work and do homeschool. But what if there was a way to share spaces, materials, and expertise and have a local home school community that thrives and allows working parents to keep working?

This module explores the following sustainable economic technologies:

  • SHARING: Identification and reallocation of resources, goods, and services
  • Local/group currency
  • Timebanks: valuing time as a currency
  • Common Funds: community-based interest free loans 

Webinar: "WEVE - World Wide Equivalent Value Exchange"

Empower The Teacher Empower The Student (ETES): "ADD/ADHD" and "Cariing For Ourselves"

Empower The Parent Empower The Children:  "Thriving As A Family In The 21st Century" & "How Quantum Physics May Be The Key To Healing Unhealthy Patterns Within The Family II" 

Readings: "Timebanks, local currencies, common funds and sharing made easy."


E.P.I.C. can be customized for your group in the following ways: 

  • shortening or lengthening the duration
  • adding or removing modules based on your needs

Customization is only available for groups of 4 or more. 

 A Few Last Words

By the end of this 3 month program you will have developed a coherent, cohesive alternative, child-directed model of education and be ready to go, either as a first time homeschooler or as parent taking your homeschool to a whole new level.

After E.P.I.C. I will continue to offer you the coaching support you need, until you don't need it anymore. Our most popular request is for help designing units of study. After all, just because your children tell you they want to learn about Egypt doesn't mean you’re quite ready to put a whole unit together yet.   I can hold your hand through your first few, and then let you fly!

One of the best parts of E.P.I.C. is being in a growing family of like-minded mothers and fathers just like you. You will not feel alone anymore, instead you will feel supported, informed and well able to give your kids the education you know they deserve. 

Are you ready to ENROLL? 

Or click here to opt in to the FREE intro to the concepts in Module 1 of E.P.I.C. .