Hi Zahra, 

Five years already! That is wonderful.  It is so exciting about a homeschool hub. Your knowledge is needed in the world. It changed our whole lives for the better. 

We are doing well here. 
Matthew is in his last semester at the community college--will graduate in May with and associates degree two weeks before he officially graduates high school. He was accepted to 6 universities, and will be competing in February for drama and German scholarships. He wants to teach German, and is looking forward to living in Germany next year as a foreign language student.  He is back in martial arts this year. And he now performs stand-up comedy! Matthew spend lots of time writing his material, observing comedians, and trying to find the funny in human behavior. He is brave, happy and so excited about moving on. Oh, and he gets to vote this year. That is important to him with the disaster America is in right now. 

Arianna is still attending the community college. She will be done next year (technically her junior year of high school), with an associates of science and applied science in sustainable agriculture, and has already earned her permaculture certificate. We are just starting to explore options for her senior year. Maybe I send her to New Zealand! That program is her dream. Arianna would love to run a permaculture farm/apple orchard. She has it all planned out, and works at the campus farm every week. 
She is busy playing the harp, and is getting hired quite regularly now. She is raising ducks in my backyard, still volunteers at the goat farm, and is always learning something. Last week she was exploring how to make jewelry out of leaves, and spinning alpaca fur on her spinning wheel.  She is creative, nature loving, and happy. Oh, and she is about to be a licensed driver. 

Both kids love to cook, so they make us diner at least once a week. It is awesome for Paul and I. 
Currently, they are exploring ideas for a contest at the college entitled, "The Next Big Idea." They need to come up with a business, product or service idea that will help the world in some way. Then, pitch it to a panel of judges. Winner receives $1000.00 toward further education.  It will be fun to see what they come up with. 

I am doing okay. I've been doing a lot more painting again. Trying to figure out what I want to do next in life now that this homeschooling gig is coming to end. Plus, I am in the realms of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, but the process has been frustrating.  I am still teaching, though, and finding joy in the simple things. 

Paul is now working from home, also. So, that has been a big adjustment for all of us. He is selling supplements and natural digestive enzymes. He loves it.  

Love and Peace,