Education Out Of The Box

It's time to  jump out of the 20th Century box. 

Second Wave Schools


1800's to present day - the second wave was designed to create factory workers.

Third Wave Schools


21st Century - the third wave is what we are now creating. 

Light Way is a bridge.

At Light Way we have created a hybrid model that is a bridge from traditional second wave schools to progressive third wave free schools. This model is available to you to use. Please do.

Traditional (second wave) approaches dictate everything children are going to learn and exactly how they are to spend every minute of every day.  

Free school models allow children complete freedom to create their learning journey with a level of freedom many parents are not yet comfortable with.

What do we mean by a bridge?

The Light Way model blends structured learning and free/unschooling.

Children work in multi-age groups engaging in thematic,  interdisciplinary units. Topics for the units of study are chosen by consent with the co-learner in a democratic circle. The job of the co-learner/steward is to design the unit of study to include all the subject areas. In keeping with our goal of adaptability and flexibility, any child who would like to study another topic is given the freedom to do so at any age.  In the afternoon, children are free to engage in activities of their choice, to delve fully into their passions, and to play as children should.  In addition we believe in balancing academic pursuits with activities that nourish the physical, emotional and spiritual being.

What Do We Mean By Balance?

When most traditional models speak of balance, they usually refer mainly to subject or content areas. They balance math, science, language, and sometimes include a strong creative arts program.  Rarely do the emotional, physical and spiritual development of children receive equal time and attention. 

A Light Way School views all four areas as equally important. 

  1. Physical (PHY): the health of the physical body is the focus. Physical health and fitness is maintained through regular exercise, fresh clean water, and healthful chemical free food. It is also dependent on mental attitudes and beliefs, emotional balance, and spiritual vibration. The goal is a strong, flexible, energetic body capable of sustained effort.
  2. Mental (ME): the health of the mind is the focus. Mental health and fitness is maintained through mastery of the thoughts. The goal is clarity. A clear mind opens the pathway to learning and knowledge acquisition.
  3. Emotional (EM): the health of the emotional body is the focus. Emotional health is maintained through developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The goal is a persistent state of emotional balance, freedom, and overall sense of well being.
  4. Spiritual (SP)the health of the spirit is the focus. Spiritual health is maintained through understanding that we are intimately connected to the natural world. The goal is to connect with our inner truth through nature.
When all four of these areas are in harmony, a fully-realized human can emerge.