Profile of a Light Way Steward

Being a steward  will certainly not be the easiest task you have ever undertaken, but it could be one of the most rewarding.

What Is A Steward?

A Light Way steward is one who loves to spend time with children guiding them in their learning and playing. A steward self-educates, is courageous, dedicated, innovative, a risk-taker, open-minded, caring, responsible, determined, inventive, collaborative, inquisitive, energetic, and healthy.

A steward is open to learning from children, able to share power with them, and surrender power in the classroom. 

He/she is able to create a sacred space to hold the energy for children to feel completely safe and nurtured. 

A steward must be willing to grow spiritually and have a strong desire to create a new way of living on Planet Earth.  We mean this literally.  There is no “well we could do it if..” or “Well that would be nice…but it’ll never happen.”  We are doing it. 

What Does It Take To Become A Steward? 

To become a certified Light Way co-learner takes:

  • strong determination
  • a will to be of service
  • dedication to creating a new paradigm in education
  • joyful hard work
  • training
  • a willingness to grow and be challenged
  • a LOVE of children and
  • the ability to PLAY.


There are two teleconference series entitled Empower The Teacher; Empower The Student that all co-learners must complete regardless of prior training.  Each course is six weeks long and is accompanied by an eBook guide that is submitted once completed. We recommend this course for all co-learners/teachers.  You can register for the courses online at Seeding The Future NOW.  

Also required is New Paradigm Education course through Omnium Universe. 

In addition you will participate in training onsite before school begins.  This can range from pedagogical training such as working with multi-age groups to continued inner transformational work designed to help you grow as a person and as a co-learner. Your training will depend much on your prior experience.  Any licensing requirements will also be met at this time.

Pre-service training onsite may include units on

  • democratic education
  • interdisciplinary planning
  • service-learning
  • dyslexia and the gifted child
  • Awesomism - the new way of viewing autism
  • The Ringing Cedars of Russia
  • principles of progressive education
  • authentic assessment
  • quantum learning

Actual units will depend upon the requirements of the co-learners.

During the school year, you will engage in ongoing learning experiences, some of which like the children, you will be free to self-design.  A minimum of 30 hours a year of ongoing training is required.

Is It Necessary To Be State-Certified To Teach At Light Way?

Currently state certification is not required.  You must be able to pass a background check.

Current Positions:

There are no positions open at this time. However we recommend you take our Empower The Teacher course and the Omnium courses online as part of your preparation for working with children anywhere.