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What Parents Don't Know,
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Light You Up Weekly Online Group Coaching

For parents who need ongoing support and encouragement with homeschooling at an affordable price. On a weekly call, Zahra will answer the most requested participant questions with good humor and sound advice. 
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Jump Start School-At-Home Coaching Program

A two week rapid upskilling program to get new homeschool parents the necessary tools and knowledge to create a child-centred, compassionate homeschool program for the short or long term. Developed in response to the COVID19 pandemic, it gives parents immediate confidence and know how.  Read more...

E.P.I.C.: Light Way Home Educator Certification Course

E.P.I.C. is a unique home educator certification course for parents or teachers who wish to have a deep knowledge and practice of the best educational practices of the 21st century. So if you have been thinking "There must be something better than this, but what is it?" find out more about E.P.I.C. here.