Parents in the US, Australia and New Zealand across the board are really struggling with  “School At Home”. I know because I am talking to them.

They are finding it just too stressful. KIds are resisting saying "You aren't my teacher". Or they are trying but finding it very hard to sit at the computer and do the work or do their worksheets and you have to be on their back all the time. It doesn't have to be this way. 

On my free introductory group coaching call, you will find out 

  • how to turn this time into one of reconnection and relationship building instead of frustration and shouting
  • what to do when nothing is working to get your kids to do the assigned work
  • and any other questions you may have on the topic of how to do school-at-home.

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Complimentary Webinar:
What Parents Don't Know, They Don't Know About School, Education & Learning

Watch this webinar and make a truly informed decision about the kind of education you want for your children,

Light You Up Weekly Online Group Coaching

For parents who need ongoing training, support and encouragement with homeschooling at an affordable price. On a weekly call, Zahra will answer the most requested participant questions with good humor and sound advice. 
$15/month Includes a one week free trial period. Click to subscribe.

Jump Start School-At-Home Coaching Program

A two week rapid upskilling program to get new homeschool parents the necessary tools and knowledge to create a child-centred, compassionate homeschool program for the short or long term. Developed in response to the COVID19 pandemic, it gives parents immediate confidence and know-how to apply 21st century natural learning principles to have happy, healthy, smart children.

E.P.I.C.: Light Way Home Educator Certification Course

 E.P.I.C. is for you if

  • you've been homeschooling and there is still a voice/feeling nagging inside you saying “There’s something better than this. There must be something better than this. I KNOW there’s something better than this, but what is it?”
  • you are already homeschooling and you’ve been homeschooling for a while now and it’s not what you thought it would be. The family is still stressed out and the kids fight doing the work. Maybe you are thinking “It was supposed to be better than this. I want my kids to be happy.” or
  • you've been thinking "“What's with everyone telling me how messed up homeschooling is? Friends and family are bad enough to deal with, but strangers too?!"

E.P.I.C. is also for you if you want to start homeschooling and you have any of the following questions whirling around inside your head:...

  • “I googled homeschooling and I am completely overwhelmed and confused by the masses of information out there.”
  • "I don't know how to teach. What if I let my kids down?"
  • "What will friends and family say?"
  • "Which curriculum is best?"
  • "My kids will be alone. How will they get socialized?"
  • "Is homeschool the right choice? I know I want something different and better for my kids."

Well now you can relax. There is a better way - the Light Way Model. This model is taught in E.P.I.C.,Empowered Parents, Inspiring Chidren, the Light Way Home Educator Certificate Course. Once certified you will feel more confident and better prepared for the responsibility of homeschooling your children. You will even be able to homeschool other children. You can also tell all the naysayers to back off because you are a certified home educator and you know what you are doing. 

Find out more about E.P.I.C. here.