The Crystal Game

In this game, two people sit back to back. They each have 3 or 4 different crystals in front of them.  They have the same types of crystals. The object of the game is for one to pick one or two crystals and hold them. The other "feels" which crystals the first player has picked up and picks up the same ones.

In these pictures you see the second play, the young boy, succeeded.  In fact, that day they played 10 rounds and the young boy was correct all 10 times.   

Sixth Sensory Development

Intuitive Intelligence/Sensory Skills Development

Highly intuitive children need a place where they can express their intuitive experiences. 

What Is Sixth Sensory Development?

It is a set of tools that enable all human beings to access their higher intuitive intelligence. This  intelligence that gives us a "gut feeling" that tells us when and how to make a good business move. It is also the intelligence that tells us who is calling before we answer the phone, or makes us think of a person right before they call or contact us in some way. We can all develop intuitive intelligence skills. We do this by listening to our mind and our hearts.

Most adults recognize the inherent sixth sensory abilities of children. We often talk of how children always seem to know if a person is good or bad. We say they can "just sense it." So what happens to our sixth sensory abilities? They are just like other abilities. If we do not use and practice them, they rust and disappear.

At Light Way, our goal is to provide parents with guidance in creating a forum for discussion and activities for children to develop their senses. We believe it is a natural human ability and encourage children to develop it. The greatest gateway to opening our sixth sense is love. As we learn to love ourselves, these skills open up quite naturally. Becoming mindful is an essential tool in learning to love oneself. Some of the techniques we use are:

1. Visualization - This technique and subsequent journaling and voluntary sharing helps learners discover their own truth which is sometimes buried deep within.

2. Mindfulness

3. Teaching "I" statements - by saying "I" instead of "you" we take ownership of our thoughts and feelings. EX. "You know how you always find it difficult to say no to chocolate..." becomes "I always find it difficult to say no to chocolate." In this way, we identify with an issue and can then choose to change our experience.

4. Breathing Techniques - examples are chaotic breathing, fire breathing, kundalini breathing, and alternating breathing. All breathing techniques serve the purpose of building energy and coming into the present moment.

5. Conscious Language - in brief conscious language is saying what you mean and meaning what you say, knowing that by Law of Attraction what we put out is what we get back. Learners will be taught the intention code and concept so that they may consciously grow in gratitude for what they already have and may learn how to set positive intentions using conscious languages

6. Awareness of limiting thoughts and belief systems - throughout our program limiting thoughts and beliefs are revealed. Once revealed they can be changed.

7. Mirror Work. - There are different types of mirror work. One is to practice self-love by looking oneself in the eyes and saying "I love you." Another is to meet one's light and one's shadow sides and get to know them, integrate them and love them both

8. Living in harmony with nature - being in nature reconnects us with all aspects of ourselves and opens our clears. It is also fun. Weather permitting we walk along the bayou where we relax and do our meditation and sometimes our body movement exercises.

9. Body Movement - As energetic beings we are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All work together, therefore, it is important to move physically to activate our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. We use yoga, dance, and free play.