What will emerge, when we step outside the current system completely, and create education from a space of total newness and freedom. 

We believe that within 50 - 100 years the old concepts of linear learning will be obsolete replaced by quantum or whole brain coherence learning such as the Omnium Method taught at the Omnium University. What is presently considered woo woo by most will be mainstream.  People will shake their heads in wonder that we ever thought linear methods could be effective at maximizing the learning potential of the human brain. 

Let's look more closely at some of our current assumptions about learning. 

1. Learning is linear.

2. If we break skills down into the smallest possible bytes of information then the brain will more easily comprehend and learning will occur.

For example: we break the complexity of reading down to the unit of the phoneme (one sound) and begin with that by teaching the alphabet.  Note that we do not do with with spoken language and yet, children seem to manage to learn to speak well regardless of the fact that they do not attend speaking classes as babies where they are taught first each individual sound and then shown how those sounds make words and then sentences and so forth. We also don't teach them intonation and accent, and they learn those anyway.  Reading is actually a much simpler process and yet we make it harder.

But what if learning can be quantum and instant? Yes, like in "The Matrix" except without a hole in the back of your head.

Within this framework of quantum learning the foundational architecture of our schools will be completely refocused. There will no longer be a need to "teach" knowledge.  Children and adults will "download" what they need to know through brain coherence. 
Adults will now act as stewards facilitating learning. Text books will be a thing of the past. Standardized tests will be considered the darkest piece of the dark past of what we used to do to children in the name of education. We will focus on creating spaces and experiences that allow our children to reach the full potential of who they truly are, to remember who they are, and to stay awake.  
For those of you who are saying, "Yes, yes, yes!" to this right NOW, you may be wondering what you can do and where you can send your children in the mean time while we wait for the mainstream to get it too. Well there are no quantum learning schools yet that we know of, however, you can start by looking at our page of current Light Way Schools which all use progressive educational methods. 

We only endorse schools where the stewards and administrators understand the True Essence of children, can recognize when a child is already manifesting these skills and more, and understand the concepts outlined here.

f there isn't a school or program in your area, then we'll help you to start one.  We partner with Seeding The Future NOW to help parents and educators start new schools. 

Visit the rest of our pages to see what is currently possible in terms of progressive education while we wait for this new paradigm to emerge..

The images on this page are taken from 3 free webinars you can find at Omnium University that fully explain quantum learning, which Caroline calls the OMnium Method.   Caroline Corey, the founder, also offers LIVE classes where you can learn more about quantum learning.  Click on the Omnium University image above for more info.