Many different activities can be used to develop physical strength, endurance and flexibility including yoga, dance, martial arts, resistance training. walking in nature, healthful food and much more. Highlighted here are yoga and Heart Motions of Impulse as they also incorporate mental, emotional and spiritual development.



Yoga For Kids

Yoga is a form of exercise, meditation, and breathing practices with Indian roots designed to bring unity to the mind, body, and spirit. Adults have vouched for yoga for years, saying it makes them feel better physically, enhances their ability to concentrate, and brings tranquility to their lives.

  • First, yoga strengthens children and helps them become more flexible and coordinated.
  • Second, yoga for kids also enhances self-awareness. Children who practice yoga learn early on to tune into their bodies. Self esteem is bolstered as the children gain control over their bodies and minds.
  • Third, yoga for kids enhances imagination and empathy. Children are asked to strike poses from nature. They might assume the pose of a snake, or a tree, or a dog. Then they are asked to imagine what it would be like to be those life forms. In this way, children learn early on to connect with all the life on the planet and realize that similarities far outweigh differences.
  • Fourth, yoga teaches children to have fun and move their bodies in a con-competitive environment. Yoga isn't about being right or wrong, or being best or worst. It is about bringing unity to one's own life. Children can work together to help each other reach this goal.
  • Fifth, yoga for kids teaches self-discipline. As part of the practice of yoga, kids need to slow down, hold certain postures, breathe or think in a certain way. Yoga encourages children to master themselves rather than wait for an adult to control them.
  • Sixth, through practicing yoga, children can learn ways to relax and get control of stress in their lives. A child worried about a test, for instance, might use the meditation or breathing techniques of yoga to help her calm down and focus.


Heart Motions of Impulse

The Creation Codes for the New Children

The creation codes were developed by Dr. Jean Schweizer Ph.D. Her life work has focused on helping children to reconnect and flourish. In the video you will see some of the codes. Motion gives birth to the wisdom which lies in the heart of the Children! The nine codes and their movements and their intentions presented, trigger intelligence, emotion and thought. Love is the fuel of the Universe, creating the continuous ebb and flow of life. It is as simple as breathing in and out. The creation codes, these Heart Motions, provide the choreography of the Pathways from the heart to the rest of the body, mind, and spirit.

  1. Receiving and Giving
  2. Focus
  3. Expression
  4.  Expansion
  5. Alignment
  6. Elimination
  7. Creation
  8. Transformation
  9.  Integration