Just some thoughts... 


What was...

For so long now, we have given little thought to the time before conception of our children.  Creating new life is more often than not "an accident", an unintended consequence of sexual desire played out to its ultimate conclusion. 

So for the most part, we are currently a race of accidental beings brought here with little planning, forethought, or visualization.  

What can be now...

A couple wishing to create new life spends time talking about their child.  The visualize the space of love they will create for the child, and imagine the life they wish for him/her.  They welcome their child in spirit long before he/she enters our world at the moment of conception.  

Prior to the act of conception both parties refrain from sexual activity for a time. This is to build up life force energy for the creation of new life.  They perform purification rites to cleanse body, mind and spirit.  This is a process that must be felt rather than intellectualized. 


When the space of love for the child is prepared and the couple is ready, the physical act of creation takes place.  It transcends time and space and even physical gratification as both parties welcome their child in spirit.  A couple is  not drawn together by the passion of copulation, but by the grand aspiration to co-creation.


During pregnancy it is imperative that the couple bring only peace, balance and harmony around the child.  Ideally the mother will spend most or all of her time in the family house and garden, thinking beautiful thoughts and nurturing the baby on all levels. Parents can learn to communicate with their child throughout pregnancy.