The Role Of Parents In New Education 

In our rapidly changing society nothing is the same anymore including the role parents are now playing in the education of their children. 

Parents are no-longer just dropping off at in the morning and then picking up at the end of the day, and assuming their children are being lovingly taught and experiencing a joyful day. 

Wait.  You don't really expect that to happen.  

And why not? Why for so long have we accepted a situation where it is a given that "school is not fun", that learning is a long, boring, painful experience that one "just has to knuckle down and get on with."   We must now ask, "Does this serve us?"

The answer is a resounding "NO!" 

If this educational system is effective, why do we have so many social, political, and environmental problems?  Why is our drop out rate so high, and why are so many people in our culture leading lives they find un-fulfilling?   

One reason these problems persist is that we persist in using an obsolete educational system that continues to use practices we already know to be ineffective at keeping the alive the love of learning. Some of these are:

  • grades
  • homework
  • punishment
  • competition
  • standardized testing
  • reward systems such as honor roll.

Surprised? And yet, the research on these topics is clear.  Please watch the Alfie Kohn lecture on our homepage for details. Or visit his website.

What To Do?

We must create new centers of learning that are spaces of love and freedom to learn. A space where children learn how to think and learn, and most importantly learn to access their own inner strengths and virtues. 

 I'm Not An Educator. Can I Really Do Anything To Help?

Yes, you can.  Thanks to organizations of visionary educators and parents like

  • Light Way Schools
  • Blue Gaia
  • Children of the New Earth Conference
  • and Seeding The Future NOW
you can be a part of creating a truly loving, supportive learning environment for your children.  Parents are already taking back their rights and deciding how to educate their children themselves. See our current projects for more information.

Why Don't The Teachers And School Admin Do It?

Our traditional school personnel cannot do it. At least not alone. No matter how well intended the teachers, they are all subject to the constraints of modern education laws.    

These laws require teachers to make sure every child is only exposed to a tiny speck of the knowledge currently available to mankind.  It must be the same speck of  knowledge as every other child regardless of their interests and passions. This speck of knowledge is couched in familiar terms like "state standards", "grade level" and "preparedness for college".  If we put it that way who can argue? It seems logical that we should have standards which leads to uniform grade level expectations, so that children are prepared. 

However, think about it this way.

What we are really saying is that all humans must prepare for their lives in exactly the same way by acquiring exactly the same knowledge. 

In addition they must acquire this knowledge on a specific schedule (determined by a test date), regardless of any natural aptitude or interest.  

So many teachers feel they can do nothing about it. They need parents, to step up and support them.

The good news is parents are coming together and showing support for visionary educators by helping to create new ways of educating.  This means coming together in community, pooling resources and finding innovative ways of funding, teaching and learning.

What Can I Do Right Now? 

Host An Empowered Parenting Class

    Children today are growing up in a world bearing little resemblance to what we experienced at their age. As parents, a deeper understanding of their perspective can go a long way to helping us create more postive relationships with them through our understanding of their world. 

Create even richer, deeper, communication and relationships with your child/children. Information from the cutting edge of education today--the sociocratic school system--will help you realize how truly simple it can be to have the relationship with your child you have always desired. 

NOTE: This class is for parents and educators of children who are verbal. Some principles will apply to all ages.

The focus for this playshop is empowerment of both children and adults.

You will be invited to

  • Re-examine your beliefs about child behavior.  
  • Deepen your understanding of your child's world.  
  • Discover what it means to share power, why you would want to, and how to do it.
  • Experiment with a structure for sharing power in the family or school classroom.
  • Learn how to empower your children without giving up your own power.
  • Learn techniques for clearer, more effective communication with your child.
  • Learn how to set boundaries that work, and that will be respected.
  • Learn about progressive educational practices.
  • Bring a group together to start a school.

Information from the cutting edge of education today--the democratic/sociocratic school system--will blow your mind as you realize how easy it can be to have the relationship you have always dreamed of with your child! 


Instructor: Zahra Lightway
Price: $44 per person or $144 per family of four. 
Duration: Full or half day/evening.  Minimum three hours.
 Webinar or in person.

Please call  (970) 749 7365 or email to host a workshop in your home for yourself and your friends or to book a talk for an event. 

Host: Education Out Of The Box

Education Out Of The Box is a mutli-media presentation that clearly outlines the history of our traditional education system, why our children require new systems and some suggestions for how we might co-create those systems. Learn about: 

  • why practices we take for granted such as grades, homework, and rewards need to be re-examined and re-designed
  • the history of the current system
  •  the importance of re-creating our education system to match the requirements of a new generation
  •  methods and ideas on how we can achieve our new systems by working together
  •  taking relationships with our youth and our children to new levels of understanding and respect

Host  A Children of the New Earth Conference 

If you are a group of parents  and/or educators seeking positive change for your children, holding a Children of the New Earth Conference using our total blueprint will help you grow your team, raise awareness, and fundraise for your school.