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Empower The Parent

Thank you for taking the time to preview the Empower The Parent, Empower The Children Course.  We are pleased to offer this innovative way for schools to do their fundraising as their "mission in action."  

What Is Empower The Parent, Empower The Children?

If you remember, we asked what would happen if the concepts and ideas of whole child education, intrinsic motivation, co-empowerment and the myriad of other principles adopted by progressive alternative schools could be extended into homes by teaching them to parents?  What if, instead of this parent training being a time and resource drain on a school, it could actually make money for school programs?  The parents become better parents. The school gets more support for its goals and more money. Children benefit all around.   It’s so simple and so effective.  

So how will this work? 

We currently sell our course online for $197 per family.  For this program, we propose a discount to $125. For each course purchased by a family, $25 will go to the Education Transformation Alliance and $40 to the school.   So for 100 courses, $4,000 is given to the school and $2500 to the Education Transformation Alliance - all for promoting the course through usual channels.   No up front costs.  No planning complicated fundraising campaigns.  It’s easy.  

To preview the course please fill out the form.  After you submit the form, you will be directed to the link to download your files.  These are MP3 files that you can even listen to while commuting.   If you experience any problems email Zahra directly at zahra@lightwayschools.org  or call 970 749 7365

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Which of these would you say are the greatest challenges your parents face?