Ten Key Tools of the HeartMath Solution

1. Acknowledge your heart intelligence and its importance for making choices. The head operates in a linear, logical manner that serves us well in many situations but limits us in others. Sometimes we need more than analysis and logic to solve a problem or unravel a complex emotional issue. Heart intelligence provides an intuitive, direct knowingness that's an essential aspect of our overall intelligence. When heart intelligence is engaged, our awareness is expanded beyond linear, logical thinking. As a result, our perspective becomes more flexible, creative, and comprehensive.

2. Reduce stress. Biomedical research on internal coherence shows how detrimental stress is to humans. Internal coherence within an individual can be measured by monitoring the heart's rhythmic patterns.

3. Learn and apply FREEZE FRAME. Freeze-Frame is a simple five-step technique that gives you access to core heart values and to the power of the heart to take you from incoherence to coherence. Freeze-Frame creates balance between the two branches of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic.

4. Accumulate energy assets and decrease energy deficits. Develop a new awareness of how effective you are at using your mental and emotional energy reserves. Our internal power is a determining factor in the quality of our lives.

5. Activate core heart feelings. There are many core heart feelings, including love, compassion, nonjudgmental, courage, patience, sincerity, forgiveness, and care. All these feelings increase synchronization and coherence in the heart's rhythmic patterns.
Manage your emotions. Emotions are complex and can be difficult to manage. It's essential that you do manage them, however, if you want to make your life rewarding and healthy.

6. Care- but don't over care. It's critical to learn the difference between care and over care.

7. Learn and apply CUT-THRU. This is a scientifically designed technique to help you manage your emotions and eliminate over care.

8. Do HEART LOCK-INS. Doing Heart Lock-Ins will amplify the power of your heart. Quieting the mind and sustaining a solid connection with the heart-locking in to its power-adds buoyancy and regenerative energy to your whole system.

9. Actualize what you know. The last step requires taking the first nine tools and applying them in different areas of your life.