E.P.I.C. Workshop Series

Beginning in fall of 2014, Zahra Lightway will be on tour to seed E.P.I.C. in the United States! This nationwide tour begins September 3rd, 2014. Zahra, an internationally renowned speaker and designer of holistic alternative education programs, will be offering workshops in cities around the world. This is a tremendous opportunity for your family and community to co-create learning environments that honor education as a passionate and fulfilling part of childhood. Those who attend will be prepared to make a difference in their local community and play a role in the nationwide alternative education movement in an epic way!

January 2015

Charlotte, North Carolina

Creating Connections With Youth Through Play: Dropping Into The Space To Relate To The Young

Trying too hard is one of the top barriers to adults successfully relating to children and youth. Overcome the tendency to "try too hard" and get the knowledge and skills to create the right space for children to come to you. Workshop topics include:

Authentic Play; Trying is Failing; Letting Go and Letting Them; Opening the Space For Children to Enter; KidPower: Using Democracy to Share Power With Children

Contact: Zahra Lightway

zahralightway@gmail.com; 970-749-7365

Wednesday, September 3

Cincinnati, Ohio

Aquarius Star, 329 Ludlow Avenue, 45220

1:00 - 4:00 pm

The Sky Is The Limit! Visioning Community-Based Alternative Homeschool Programs

Workshop topics include: the 8 Core Principles of Alternative Education, Creating a Homeschool Community, Contributionism and How To Do It, & Mapping Your Community Resources

Contact: Cezarina Trone

cezarinatrone@gmail.com; 513-432-488

Friday, September 5

Grayslake, Illinois

Pure In Form Pilates Studio, 649 N. Rt 83 60030

6:00 - 9:00 pm

Take Your Homeschooling To A Whole New Level: The knowledge to transition to alternative homeschool with confidence

Workshop topics include: Overcoming Your Top 10 Fears, The 8 Core Principles of Alternative Education, Transitioning From Parent To Teacher, Helping Your Child Make The Transition, & KidPower: How To Use Democracy In Homeschool And At Home

Contact: Patty Kendziora-Sprenger

pattypilates@hotmail.com; 847-752-6550

Saturday, September 6

Grayslake, Illinois

Pure In Form Pilates Studio, 649 N. Rt 83 60030

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Using Contributionism to Build A Homeschool Community

Workshop topics include: Contributionism And How To Do It, Mapping Your Community Resources, Making Essential Agreements, & Using Alternative Education Principles To Plan Learning Experiences

Contact: Patty Kendziora Sprenger

pattypilates@hotmail.com; 847-752-6550

Saturday, September 27

Sacramento, California

Ancient Future Now, 2331 K Street, 95816


Time and Details TBA

Wednesday, October 1

Las Vegas, Nevada

3460 North Rancho Drive, 89130


Time and Details TBA

Saturday, October 11

Austin, Texas

Casa De Luz, 1701 Toomey Rd, 78704


Time and Details TBA

E.P.I.C. Events

Light Way Schools is thrilled to present E.P.I.C. at family-oriented festivals, gatherings, conferences, and events beginning fall 2014! Our presence may include interactive workshops, activities for children and adults, complimentary materials, free consultations, visioning circles, hands-on learning, and more! Our highest intention at these events is to empower parents and inspire children as we co-create, together, the future of education.

August 31: Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival

Asheville, North Carolina


Light Way Schools presents E.P.I.C. at LAAFF 2014 in collaboration with Emergence Earth (emergenceearth.com)! We will be offering complimentary E.P.I.C. course materials as well as a visioning board to open up conversations about the meaning and future of education.

September 19-21: Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference

Ashland, Oregon

SOU School of Education, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd, 97520


The Chalice of the Diamond Heart New Learning System, presented by Ondorah Baker andZahra Lightway

Sunday, September 31, 11:15 am to 12:30 pm

October 3-5: Three Days of Light

Old Fort, North Carolina


Dream, Believe, Create: The Future of Education. An interactive workshop for parents and children to come together and dream the next, grandest, highest vision for education. If you believe that education should foster happy, passionate children living to their full potential, let’s create it together!

Light Way Schools is delighted to be co-creating the Kids Village at Three Days of Light, a magical space in which children can learn, dream, play, and express their truest selves! In addition to our Dream, Believe, Create: The Future of Education workshop, we will also be offering children's activities, hands-on learning, arts & crafts, visioning circles, giggles, complimentary E.P.I.C. course materials, and more!

More Upcoming Events: TBA!