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Does Your Stand Match Ours?

Our current educational system has become so mired in scientific test-based practices that it is failing to provide our children with the possibility of thriving and reaching their full potential. All over the country, in every state where I've talked to parents, teachers and children, I am hearing the same heartfelt pain and desire for change.  The outcry is insistent, persistent, and can no longer be ignored. It is time. Light Way Schools is picking up the torch and leading the way towards new educational models. 

We started with the "Dream of a Better World" program in 2006 that was held on Saturday's only - just one day week. The results were amazing.  Parents, like Ivette below, were sighing with relief that their children had a place to go and relax, be themselves, and still learn in a safe space that respected them as so much more than test takers.

"My son needed an alternative school where he could share with peers with the same special needs and talents, while acquiring essential life skills he was not getting at public school. The combination of non-traditional learning experiences (like managing a cooperative virtual city, working inside an organic garden, practicing Qi Gong, preparing and eating organic food, meditating, etc.), gave him a lot of self confidence. He discovered his talents and realized how meaningful his contributions are to other people. I admire Zahra’s determination to change the way our kids are educated, and how courageous she is by insisting that this change is not only possible, but very essential for the healing of our Planet (and our youth)."

Ivette Roman (mother of “Nick”)"   Houston, TX

If one day a week can do this for a child, imagine what can happen if we set children free seven days a week? Our goal is help communities create similar full time programs that are accessible for all children.

Your Stand

Your stand refers to what you are willing to stand for.  What do you believe in so much that you are willing to participate in positive change in that area through your own efforts or by funding the efforts of others.

Our Stand

We stand for providing access for all children to progressive forms of education that free them to discover their full potential. We will achieve our goal by creating local networks of learning fueled by the desire of parents, educators and children for a new educational platform.  We will encourage the use of free and existing resources within the community so that all children and parents can participate.  We will provide training, information and resources for parents to develop these programs with each other in their own communities. Our stand is ecological, socially just and absolutely essential for supporting the continued evolution of humanity. 

Does Your Stand Match Ours?

If you believe all children deserve to be free to reach their potential, then please join us.  Make a monthly micro-donation or a one time larger donation. 

Your donation will fund training and materials for parents to build their programs,  the creation of support systems including an online networkwhere people can locate available resources and programs already in their community.