Many of the same concepts and activities apply at this age as they did at the infant to 2 year age group. Gardening, nature walks, play, natural vs artificial objects, art, music, dancing, games, and singing. 

In addition children are now old enough to really benefit from participation in festivals and democratic council a.k.a. KidPower

You may  also begin teaching compassionate communication (NVC), yoga, mindfulness training and service-learning.projects that are age appropriate. 

Academic Learning

At this age, we believe that parents and children should still have a choice in whether their children learn academic subjects.  If you think your child is showing an interest in this type of learning, we recommend a highly hands on, creative approach such as Montessori or Waldorf.  Also an integrated approach using Montessori and Waldorf concepts and values has been done successfully. If your child is showing no interest, we urge you not to push. It will come. Children learn best and fastest when they choose to.