Can you imagine feeling EMPOWERED to co-create a homeschool program where children experience joy, excitement, and passion for LEARNING? 

The mission of E.P.I.C. is to empower families, educators, and communities to design COMMUNITY-BASED holistic learning environments crafted to each child's learning style, motivation levels, and interests. 

Course Overview

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This three month course is designed to lead you through the process of creating a progressive home school program. We advocate 21st Century collaborative learning networks, and therefore, recommend that you do E.P.I.C. with other like-minded adults in your community.  

The collaborative aspect of 21st Century learning is best experienced when children have other children to interact with.  We can help you do community outreach to find your "tribe."  If that is not possible for you, E.P.I.C. will still help you create a vibrant, dynamic program for your children. 

E.P.I.C. includes: 

  1. Six complete modules of study.  
  2. Six 90-minute LIVE  group coaching calls; one every other week for three months 
  3. LIVE Q & A to answer your specific questions.
  4. Full recordings of the LIVE calls and webinars to listen to at your leisure. 
  5. Six personal email coaching sessions.
  6. An invite to guest speaker calls – often other parents who’ve been where you are now.
  7. Opportunity to become a part of the Light Way family and use our logo and social profit 501(c) 3 status. (Application and approval required.)
  8. The right to answer your friends, family and neighbors when they ask "How are you doing this?", by saying "I'm a certified 21st Century Home Education Designer with Light Way Schools."


E.P.I.C. can be customized for your group in the following ways: 

  • shortening or lengthening the duration
  • adding or removing modules based on your needs
Module 1.   Overcoming The Fear Of Letting Go

How Do I Unlearn What I Thought I Knew About Education?  

  • Identify your fears and turn them into strengths
  • Share with other parents in your boat
  • Move forward with confidence

Reading: “Your Top 10 Fears  And How To Overcome Them.” (presented in our mini course). Optional: "The Homework Myth" by Alfie Kohn and "Punshment By Reward" by Alfie Kohn. 

Module 2.   Embracing 21st Century Education            

Understanding And Embracing Progressive Education Is EASY?

  • Now we know what we don’t want, let’s define what we do want.  
  • What are some governing  principles of 21st Century education.
  • Examine the proof of the effectiveness of these principles.

You will begin to design a 21st century collaborative learning environment and learn the basics of progressive pedagogy so that you can teach your child collaboratively and creatively, and most important help them to learn how to learn: an essential skill in an ever changing world where most people will have up to 5 careers. Relax this is much easier than you might think!

Reading: “Core Principles of a Light Way Schools Model” and “The  8 Core Principles of Progressive Education Models."

Participate In: Embracing 21st Century Education webinar.

Module 3.   Applying 21st Century Principles

Now I Know What The Principles Are, I Still Don’t Know How To Use Them!

  • Design your learning day using the Light Way model as a starting point.  
  • Use a visioning guide to shape your program.

Continue designing and mapping your program with templates and ideas for creative, child-directed learning projects.

Reading: “E.P.I.C. Visioning Guide." 

Module 4.   Making The Transition: Freedom To Choose Does NOT Mean Anarchy

Okay, Got That Part. Now How Do I Make The Journey of Transitioning from Parent to Teacher?

  • How to make the transition from parent to educator
  • Helping your child make the transition
  • Use the principles of democratic education and the Kanban to manage your time and create your learning community

Reading: “Freedom Not License “ by A.S. Neill, “Transitioning From Parent To Teacher" and  “Transitioning Children From Traditional To Progressive Education” 

 Module 5.   Planning Your Curriculum

What Is A Child Lead Curriculum And How Do I Manage It?

  • Bring structure to child lead learning
  • Facilitate units of study
  • Integrate online curriculum with your new program
  • Explore and choose curriculae currently available
Module 6.   Economic Foundations For Sustainability

Up to now t
he focus of this course has been program and pedagogical development.  In module 6 we broaden that focus and ask how we can create a resource-rich learning community using leading edge progressive funding technology working in tandem with your progressive education program to make your program affordable for everyone! 

This module explores the following progressive funding technologies identification and reallocation of resources, local/group currency, time banks, entrepreneurial projects and other non-traditional funding methods.

 A Few Last Words

By the end of this 3 month program you will have developed a coherent, cohesive alternative, child-directed model of education and be ready to go, either as a first time homeschooler or as parent taking your homeschool to a whole new level.

After E.P.I.C. we will continue to offer you the coaching support you need, until you don't need it anymore.  Our most popular request is for help designing units of study. After all, just because your children tell you they want to learn about Egypt doesn't mean you’re quite ready to put a whole unit together yet.   We will hold your hand through your first few, and then let you fly!

One of the best parts of E.P.I.C. is  being  in a growing family of like-minded mothers and fathers just like you.  You will not feel alone anymore, instead you will feel supported, informed and well able to give your kids the education you know they deserve. 

Are you ready to ENROLL? 

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