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E.P.I.C. is a virtual course providing expert resources, LIVE coaching, in-depth one on one training, and ongoing support for developing 21st century progressive education programs.

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Education Out Of The Box

How can a classroom designed in 1880 prepare children for the work environment of 2015 and beyond? It can't. And yet, often fear of stepping out of that 20th century box prevents parents choosing a 21st century learning environment.

Our youth have been  following the traditional path: high school to college to advanced degrees, and they are not finding jobs at the end of the rainbow.  Why? Because the current education system prepares them for the job market of the past.  These were jobs where people "go to work", and where time spent at the factory or office was equated to productivity. Those jobs could be counted on to be there for the long term. Those jobs no longer exist. Today work has evolved.  Learning must evolve too.   

If your child's education still looks like this...

On the other hand, if it looks like this... 

Then they are still being prepared for this..

They will be prepared for this.. 

Modern Work Environment

21st Century work is virtual, distributed, entrepreneurial, innovative, collaborative, creative, self-directed and deliberately fun!  In order for our children to be ready for modern work, their education experience must match.  

Are you ready to help your child prepare for a passionate, fulfilling life in the modern creative work world? Then join the E.P.I.C, Empowered Parents, Inspiring Children wave now. 

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