Welcome To Light Way Schools

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― Richard Buckminster Fuller

What Is Light Way?

Light Way is a vision for both current progressive schools and future new paradigm education.

We offer guidance and support through our 501 (c) 3 non profit umbrella and our partners each of which offers a piece of the puzzle to creating new education. Through our partners we offer parent and teacher training, listening sessions for youth to vision new education, conferences, coaching, healing, and school start up support. 

For Parents

We are developing  E.P.I.C., Empowered Parents, Inspired Children, a complete system for starting your progressive home school community-based program using existing resources within your community. 
You can start with our "How To Overcome The Top Ten Fears Parents Have About Choosing Alternative Education For Their Children." If you are already sold and know absolutely that you want a better program for your kids that they have in traditional public or private education, then try "10 Things You Need To Know To Get Started On Creating A Full or Part Time, Community-Based, Truly Progressive Educational Program For Your Kids or the Kids In Your Community."  
Just give us your email to get these important starter information packets.  After you read them, you will know why you should start a program for your kids and what it needs to look like.
Once you decide you are ready to get started, we have a full program guide and you will have access everything you need to create your program. We even help you find and hire a full or part time professional educator to fill in the gaps you can't provide, and we can help train them to work in a progressive program. You are free to use the materials on this site and never connect with Light Way Schools again or you can choose to be a part of our educational community, use our incredibly beautiful logo, and operate under our social profit (non-profit) umbrella. It's entirely up to you.

What Is A Light Way School Educational Program?

To be considered a part of the Light Way Schools community:

First and foremost, your program must be a space of love.  We believe that for children to flourish they must feel safe and loved first.  Within this framework happiness, as Logan advocates for in the brilliant video above, becomes possible and likely.
Second it must be run democratically and co-created with the children it serves using democratic principles. 
Third, it will be
a unique blend of progressive practices built around a basic fluid operational framework.  Fourth, adults within it, understand that they are stewards for the children's journey through life.  

The Power of Micro-Finance 

Support the vision of Light Way Schools starting at just $2/month, and know that you are contributing to the creation of empowering, inspiring, community-based educational programs for children. 


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