About Us

Zahra Lightway,  M. Ed

Founder and C.S.O. of Light Way Schools

Co-Founder: Seeding The Future Now

Co-Founder: Children of the New Earth Conference

Zahra Lightway is known as the most sought after designer of alternative, holistic, education programs for children and youth. She is famous for empowering parents to inspire their children to lead fulfilling lives and realize their full potential using existing resources within their community without creating elite programs no-one can afford. 

Quote: "Children are not less intelligent nor less worthy of respect than adults, they are merely less experienced."

Phone: 970 749 7365

Email: zahralightway@gmail.com

Lauren Stansbury 

Research and Development Coordinator

Board Member: Light Way Schools

Lauren’s passions lie in social and environmental justice, creating ceremony, and facilitating experiences with nature that promote personal and communal growth, healing, and wellness. She is a graduate of Hendrix College where she most enjoyed the study of psychology, neuroscience, French, and literature; she continues to be a student of the universe. Lauren discovered a passion for working with youth in 2011 and has since led hundreds of youth in the outdoors as a mentor, guide, and educator. She believes in co-creating a global community that supports each other’s holistic learning journeys and is empowered to make heartfelt decisions about education.

Email: stansburyle@gmail.com

Latoya Ramkisson

Creative Director

Board Member