At Light Way Schools we believe in ACCESS FOR ALL.

We are offering scholarships for enrollment to the E.P.I.C program! This scholarship is intended to support families who are eager to enroll in the course, but would otherwise be unable to due to lack of funds.  

To qualify, you will be a child or a parent who is homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling. A team of E.P.I.C volunteers will judge all submissions. Scholarship applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.  

Light Way Schools will award one full scholarship for every 8 paid courses.

The more people who enroll in E.P.I.C., the more scholarships we award!

To enter the scholarship contest, please

  1. Complete the online form to the right. Then...

  2. Create a video that is one to three minutes long.

  3. Use this video as a creative means for expressing
    1. why a progressive/alternative education is so important to your family

    2. your willingness to bring what you learn into your community

    3. how this scholarship would be supportive to your family

  4. We encourage the whole family to participate in the video.

  5. Upload your video to  and title it “[Your Last Name] E.P.I.C Scholarship Contest Submission.” For example, if your last name is Melchizedek you will upload a video entitled “Melchizedek E.P.I.C. Scholarship Contest.”

  6. All forms of creative expression are welcome and encouraged in your video as long as it remains appropriate for all ages!

  7. Send an email to with a link to your video.

Criteria: Speak from the heart!

Your video will be evaluated according to the degree of resonance between your family and our vision for E.P.I.C. homeschool programs.  In other words, how aligned are you with our guiding principles of education?  Please take our FREE mini course online for full details on the principles or download them here.

We are not evaluating your video making skills.  You can even do this using your phone!

Scholarship Application Form