September 16, 2014

Two weeks into this schooling without school project, and WOW the change is our home is Amazing. My kids opened their own cake business. They are making gluten free and dairy free cakes from scratch. They have made an excellent flourless chocolate cake, perfected carrot cake muffins, and are designing a chocolate cream filled cake. They have bought their own ingredients, they have done the math to calculate the cost of each ingredient. They have researched why organic ingredients are important. They wrote a business plan, did market research, designed a business card, and are coming up with advertising plans. They are working as a team, and negotiating conflict. They are learning.

More amazing than this cake business is what the kids are choosing to do with their time. Matthew is reading again. The kid that was in tears daily about reading novels for school is choosing to read. They are playing and building immaculate sculptures out of legos. They are communicating their needs and desires to each other and to us. That was a fast change. They are trusting the system, with some hesitation (I think they are waiting for the sky to drop). Paul is still struggling with the lack of daily school work.  Our kids are calmer, happier people, however, and even he can’t deny that fact. So, we will continue on as the wandering lost is this new world for “not all who wander are lost.”