So world I am homeschooling my kids this year. Take that in. REACT. 

You are crazy. That is a lot of work. Why? I could never do that. Are you sure? Maybe you’ll change your mind. Aren’t you worried about socialization? My husband thinks that is a bad idea. 

How do you know you can do it? What makes you qualified to teach? I wish I could do that. 

Why are you pulling them both out? I wish we had better schools. You should talk to the school. You can do it because you are a hippie. You are brave. 

As I explain my deepest desires to change the entire education system as a whole, and spitting out researched facts, and disarming the critics about preconceived information, and dodging opinions, I am becoming more and more calm. Sometimes when people, especially dear friends and family, question my decisions it throws me off my track of thinking.  Makes me see differently. Not this time. This decision is one that I fully believe is the right one for my family. The more we plan as a family, the stronger the conviction. 

Then an epiphany hits me: this family is need for reform. Yes, the school system is failing in all sorts of ways, but so are we with the over-scheduled, high expectations that we can go, go, go all the time! As we talk about having more time during the day, and planning in hours of time to BE outside or exploring knowledge that isn’t attached to a worksheet, my kids are becoming more joyful. It is a beautiful transition to watch. They are so happy. They are so excited to have a say in what they learn. They are coming up with lists and lists of ideas all on their own. They are ready for this change. I am elated to see them working together, to plan their own educational paths, to be so thrilled about learning again. 

As for me, I am peaceful, excited, and grounded. The stress my kids were feeling every day about homework, and tests, and bullying and grades had a grip on me so tight that I didn’t even realize the depths of suffocation I was under. It was smothering my creativity as a mom. It was destroying our bond as a family. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I do know that there will be bumps in the road as we travel down this unfamiliar road, but I am ready. 

We are ready for this change. 

World, your answers: I may be crazy, as crazy as anyone else who has stood up and not accepted “that is just the way it is,” from life. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it is worth it to me. Yes you could do it. Yes, I am sure. Nope, I am not changing my mind. No, my kids are social now, and are not leaving the world. Are you hiding your opinion behind your husband? I know that I can do almost anything I am determined to do, this is just another journey. I am educated, I know my children best, and there are some things I may even be an expert at. You can do that, ask me how. I couldn’t choose which one I liked best, so I am pulling them both out. Oh and because the district is failing both of them for different reasons. I wish we had better schools also, but wishing doesn’t bring about change. Talk to the school about what? I’ve been in there all year! Nothing happens. I am a free spirit, but that’s is not why I can do it. I believe in it, that is why I can do it. I am brave, and I hope my children see that brave people change the world. Brave people is what history is all about--wait, there is another lesson plan taking place in my brain. 

World, we are ready for this change. 

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