It has been the most amazing journey with unlimited opportunities flying at us.....
This year my kids choose to do nature science. We will be keeping nature journals, filming nature, and collecting data about our observations. 
My kids just got jobs working on a tree farm and they are thrilled! They start next week, and will be planting, pruning, mowing, weeding, tending to the veggie gardens and learning how to use tools and drive tractors. So fun, and they make $5.50 an hour.
Arianna and I are official butterfly monitors now, so we track butterflies and send in our scientific data. 
And yesterday I had 12 kids over to watch Macbeth-- 12 kids completely loving Shakespeare thanks to this brilliant woman who taught them her love of Shakespeare-- 1st by reading Star Wars Shakespeare then moving to the real stuff. 
I'm moving the studio back home for more time to play and explore with them. I could go on and on-- we are so happy