Blog #25 flying high

November 14, 2014

This afternoon we went downtown to The New York Flying Trapeze School in Chicago. Flying trapeze is an activity that combines athleticism, art, and adrenaline. It also takes a certain personality to climb 64 feet into the air, trust the spotter at the top to hold you as you stand like the Leaning Tower of Piza over a 3x2 platform above the ground to grab a swinging bar, and jump at the words “hup,” that sends you soaring into the air. Well, two of us did it, and two of us didn’t. The girls flew. The boys took pictures from the ground. I giggled at this fact. The truth is, I am proud of both my kids right now. I am proud of Arianna for climbing that ladder, making mistakes on the bar, climbing again, trying again, and nailing her first attempt at a flying catch. The girl is brave, and and strong-willed. I am also proud of Matthew. I am proud that he didn’t give into trying something that his internal senses told him not to. It was a risk that he was uncomfortable taking, and was brave enough to say “No, that is not for me.” Both my kids learned from today that they must follow their own instincts, and are in control of their own choices in risk management. It is my mission to continually present my children (especially as we head into our teen years) ways to develop their intuition, and introduce them to calculated risk taking opportunities. I hope that we practice saying both “yes” and “no” enough, that when the time arises in our peer groups, surrounded by bad choices, may they always be brave enough to do only what feels intuitively comfortable and safe to them. And when the time arises that they are presented with a great opportunity that requires one to step out of ones comfort zone, just a little, with good intentions surrounding it, may they be brave enough to asses the risk, and step out on that limb of life. The course of Intuition and Calculate Risks Taking, taught only by life, facilitated by mom. More kids really should be taking this great class.