Blog #23  drum circle rocked our world

November 10, 2014

This weekend I was part of a Funfair with Circus and Arts event. The event was open to the public, and including acrobatics, german wheel, juggling, unicycles, art, woodworking, GyroKinesis and African Drums. It was a busy night in the gym, but my little tribe kept flocking back to the drum circle. The drum leader was an amazing woman, who lives half the year in the USA, and half the year in New Guinea. She lives the music. She lives for the betterment of the people there. She radiates passion for teaching drums to all, and gives you a sense of being part of a bigger purpose. It was an incredible sound that I can still feel in my soul. It was blissful to watch the kids play with this group. They played together following rhythm patterns created by the leader. They played in a round circle, which means every person played a little drum solo. They felt empowered by this group. They felt moved to learn more. So, we invited her to our little homeschool to do a presentation. We are excited about that in the next few weeks. I can not think of a deeper way to learn about rhythms, spiritual connection, and humanitarianism than the musical beats of a drum circle working for a cleaner, healthier world. Boom, dum, dum, boom.