Blog #27 “Evanesco” Harry Potter

November 21, 2014

I have been reading the Harry Potter series out loud to my kids for the past 2.5 years. One book at a time, one word after the other. Well we finished the entire series earlier this month. We were so excited to finish that we read the last 100 pages in two day. We were also motivated because they just re-released the movies out in our local movie theater, showing one a week starting in October. They kids were thrilled because I didn’t let them watch the movies until after we read the books, and now they get to see it for the first time on the big screen. We did go see #7 part one last Wednesday, and this week was very last one. Matthew and Arianna were dressed up like Gryffindor students when I got home from work (at noon for a 7pm movie), excitement spilling out of them in a way I only see at holidays.  

We walked into the movie theater to be greeted by other fanatics, yelling out Gryffindor in the sorting hat’s voice, upon seeing my kids. Instant bonding with complete strangers. What a beautiful experience to have--connecting to others through a common interest, even if for two hours. Joyful.

As we left the theater, the energy changed. It was the final moment for us. The very final moment in our Harry Potter journey. Matthew just could not believe it was over. He was desperately trying to convince anyone that they will have to make another movie. One with Harry’s children being the stars. Anything to prolong that final closure. We did do a lot of compare/contrast of book versus movie on the drive home, but I think the real lessons were how much little moments of reading together mean so much, connecting with other through a common passion feels amazing, and finales are always hard (especially if they have been anticipated for years). Love the way Harry became part of our family, and thankful for the lessons learned from him. Oh, and the extensive vocabulary was a great bonus.