Apply for E.P.I.C. and learn to design, implement and fund

21st century homeschool, homeschool co-operatives,

and micro-schools. 

You should apply if you are a parent, educator, or community member who:

  • wants to create a 21st Century learning program and needs help getting started.
  • has already started educating their children at home or in their communities and want to take their program to the next level.
  • embraces the Core Principles of 21st Century Learning you will find on the main E.P.I.C. page..
  • is looking for answers to the fears they may have around 21st century learning  such as, "How will my kids get socialized?" and "What about college?" and "What if I fail my kids?"
  • wants to be able to create firm economic foundations for a learning community.


Are you:

Are you planning on taking the course: